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From February 11, 2019, foreigners who travel to Chile and want to use their phone or other mobile device with a local SIM Card, must register them in the system so that it can continue to operate in Chile after 30 days of activation of the equipment in the network.

3.- You will have to provide some information about the phone and your personal information, as well as accredit that you brought the phone from abroad, making a statement acknowledging such circumstance and the effects of your phone not having been homologated.

5.- The certifying company will carry out this procedure, verifying that it is a natural person, that it is 1 equipment for each Administrative Registration request, the fact that the equipment was purchased abroad (receipt, invoice, passport and/or tickets, etc.) and the correspondence between the IMEI printed on the equipment and the IMEI obtained by configuration.

6.- A phone purchased abroad has not undergone a homologation process, so it is not possible to ensure that your phone is compatible with the technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) advertised for it, nor is it possible to ensure that it supports the Emergency Alert System (SAE).

The Emergency Family Income debate

Using a world-class infrastructure, we maintain an operation with high standards of quality, safety, efficiency and environmental management, as well as a commitment to the environment and community development. In this way we safely and reliably supply the demand for natural gas in central Chile.

Since its beginnings, GNL Quintero has built a bond with the community based on mutual trust and permanent communication with all its stakeholders, which is materialized in different initiatives and projects that seek to contribute to local development.


Current information for travel to Austria and ChileCurrent information for travel to Austria can be found here. Quota based residence permit – without gainful employment 2023Information for the reservation of an appointment for an application of a limited quota -based residence permit – without gainful employment 2023 can be retrieved under the following link.

The association of the Austrian community in Chile organizes various event programs and offers a platform for the social life of Austrians living in Chile.  Currently the Austrian Association in Chile has about 60 active members and reaches with its information about 300 people, Austrians and friends of Austria.

The proposals of the government and the opposition in the dialogue for

The eSIM is the evolution of the traditional SIM card. With this option, the process of connecting to the network can be digitalized by configuring it through a QR Code. Smartphones compatible with this technology will have a DualSIM under hybrid mode (SIMCARD + eSIM), which allows incorporating a second line or leaving your default line directly with the eSIM.

If you regret having deleted your eSIM data plan or if you deleted it by mistake, you can restore it with the QR code of the card you used for the first activation by repeating the scanning process.